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Longfeng Chengxiang 26 cm thick natural latex mattress 9-zone independent spring mattress

Longfeng Chengxiang 26 cm thick natural latex mattress 9-zone independent spring mattress

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Chinese Dream



Originated from the ultimate pursuit of palace-like luxury and sleep, the "Chinese Dream" design is exquisite, the materials used are luxurious, and the craftsmanship is all at the top of the industry. Imported cashmere silk skin-friendly fabric, matched with Chinese style embroidery delicate patterns; pure imported natural latex comfort layer with a thickness of 10CM, comfortable and breathable, antibacterial and anti-mite; nine-zone independent bag with high resilience bag spring, mute resistance Disturb, lasting fit. With a total thickness of up to 36CM and a distinguished appearance, it is the only choice for high-end villas, boutique clubs and super five-star luxury hotels.

Palace dreams, luxury sleep



Belgian craft knitted fabrics, exclusive high-end custom imperial patterns, low-key luxury, enjoy the noble celebrity sleep experience.
Extreme spring, sensitive induction. The support conforms to the concept of ergonomics, perfectly fits the body, and lies like a royal lady SPA.
Natural latex, environmentally friendly and breathable, bacteriostatic and anti-mite, creating a natural air conditioning system in the cushion.
Space memory cotton, sensitive to human body temperature and sense appropriate softness, creating scientific cloud sleep.




Brand: Noble impression
Name: Chinese Dream
Softness: moderately soft
Thickness: 36cm
Standard size: 200*180cm, 200*150cm (other sizes can be customized)
Warranty period: 10-year warranty
Maintenance instructions: regular head and tail rotation, avoid sunlight照射
Comfort layer: high-purity comfortable latex, super soft sponge, slow-rebound memory foam, edge protection sponge
Spring layer: Nine zone independent bag anti-disturbance mute spring



● The skin-friendly cashmere fabric imported from Belgium is hygroscopic and breathable, antibacterial and anti-mite
Thailand imported natural environmental protection latex thickened comfort layer, flexible support, curve fit
● Nine zone independent pocket springs, quiet and undisturbed, 20 years of quality and long rebound
● Four corners curved soft anti-collision design, prevent children from bumping
● neatly routed, full texture, high-quality sponge strip plastic edge, showing fashion

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